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HSE Solutions

Occupational Safety and Health Monitoring Solutions

Living and working environments made safer through intelligent guardian technology and software. Our products are designed to help you navigate potential risks and protect and prolong the lives around you.

SafeGuard™ provides enhanced occupational awareness through real-time health and safety monitoring of personnel working in high-risk occupations

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SafeGuard ™ Technology that provides secure realtime alerts and remote data viewing to help you protect your team, patients or loved ones.

What is SafeGuard?

SafeGuard is an intelligent and secure IoT guardian platform that uses a mix of wearable and static environmental sensors. The data is fused with information gathered from wireless comms and Edge AI analytics to produce a hybrid computer model that provides prescriptive analytics and proactive alerts.

In other words, SafeGuard takes all the data that comes in from various sources and distills it down into actionable insights that have the power to save or improve lives.

SafeGuard leverages the latest wearable and environmental sensors, edge and cloud analytics, and intuitive data visualizations to equip and protect workers with an intelligent guardian technology as they operate in difficult work environments.


Proven SafeGuard applications include lone worker monitoring, confined space operations, gas detection, emergency response and evacuation, real-time communication and location monitoring, heat stress and overexertion detection, geofencing, and COVID monitoring. Sentinel’s SafeGuard™ is the only Safety as a Service™ solution that helps organizations monitor, predict, and mitigate health, safety, and security risks through personal monitoring technology.

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Special Offers

MSC International Ltd/Qualitrain Services Ltd has partnered with Advisera to bring cost effective ISO Based Training and HSE Compliance Solutions