Corporate Training 

Our Corporate Training Content has been developed by industry experts in the various HR and Leadership fields and packaged for a seamless training experience that is sure to engage your employees.

Select an individual course for US$37.00 (TT$250) or select our recommended Corporate Training bundles or build your own three course bundle for the affordable price of US$99.00 (TT$675.00)

  1. Budgets And Financial Reports

  2. Coaching And Mentoring

  3. Conducting Annual Employee Reviews

  4. Developing New Managers

  5. Employee Motivation

  6. Facilitation Skills

  7. Knowledge Management

  8. Leadership And Influence

  9. Lean Process And Six Sigma

  10. Manager Management

  11. Middle Manager

  12. Office Politics For Managers

  13. Performance Management

  14. Self-Leadership

  15. Supervising Others

  16. Team Building Through Chemistry

  17. Virtual Team Building And Management

  1. Business Succession Planning

  2. Contract Management

  3. Crisis Management

  4. Developing a Lunch and Learn

  5. Diversity and Inclusion

  6. Employee Onboarding

  7. Employee Recruitment

  8. Employee Termination Processes

  9. Generation Gaps

  10. Health and Wellness at Work

  11. Hiring Strategies

  12. Human Resource Management

  13. Managing Workplace Harassment

  14. Measuring Results From Training

  15. Millennial Onboarding

  16. Office Health And Safety

  17. Sensitivity Training

  18. Talent Management

  19. Train-The-Trainer

  20. Unconscious Bias

  21. Universal Safety Practices

  22. Workplace Bullying

  23. Workplace Diversity

  24. Workplace Harassment

  25. Workplace Violence

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