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Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training Content has been developed by industry experts in the various HR and Leadership fields and packaged for a seamless training experience that is sure to engage your employees.

Select an individual course for US$22.00 (TT$145) or select our recommended Corporate Training bundles or build your own three course bundle for the affordable price of US$99.00 (TT$675.00)

Check out our recommended Corporate Training Bundles:

  • Administrative Skills - TT$500.00

  • Career Development - TT$ 500.00

  • Cybersecurity - TT$500.00

  • Microsoft Office Basics - TT$800.00

  • Microsoft Office Essentials - TT$ 1200.00

  • Small Business Essentials - TT$500.00

Don’t have a credit card? No worries! We’ve got you covered​

Simply visit any RBC Branch and make a deposit to Account: MSC International Ltd - A/C 110000003216336

Email a copy of the receipt to and you will be registered and have access to your selected courses in 24 hours.

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